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A Summary of Arkansas Laws Dealing with Integration 2

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Summary of Arkansas laws that impact public education integration in the state through 1960. - 2 - particular school and curriculum; the scholastic aptitude and intelligence or mental energy or ability of the pupil; the psychological qualitfication of the pupil for the type of teaching and associations involved; the effect of admission of the pupil upon the academic progress of other students in a particular school or facility thereof; the effect of admission upon prevailing academic standards at a particular school; the psychological effect upon the pupil of attendance at a particular school; the possiblity of breaches of the peace or ill will or economic retaliation within the conBtiunity; the home environment of the pupil; the maintenance or severance of established social and psychological relationships with other pupils and with teachers the choice and interests of the pupil; the morals, conduct, health and personal standards of the pupil; the request or consent of parents or guardians and the reasons assigned therefor. and other relevant matters. Pupils may by mutual agreement be assigned in adjoining districts, even in different counties, and school funds transferred to follow the pupil. Teachers may be reassigned or transferred by local Beards of Education. Parents may file objections to assignments of pupils or petitions for trasnfers with local Boards. Hearings may be requested. No child can be compelled to attend desegregated schools, if written objection is filed by parent. If transfer is refused, child may be entitled to aid for education under law. ACT 19 of...
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