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1930-01: Alabama Farmer Newsletter, Auburn, Alabama, Volume 10, Issue 04

@ Auburn University

Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Agricultural Club


This is the volume X, issue 4, January 1930 issue of Alabama Farmer, a newsletter published monthly during the school year by students in the Agricultural Club of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now Auburn University). The newsletter includes articles of interest related to agriculture and agriculture education. This item has been aggregated as part of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL)'s "Deeply Rooted: The Agricultural & Rural History of the American South" project.Articles: County agents attend conference at Auburn; Auburn man honored national farm body; New buildings (pictorial); The Alabama Polytechnic Institute--A brief history of its founding and progress; Tractor traction--Its place in farming--Did you know that different soils require different tractor lugs? This story tells how; Prevent scrubbing; Getting ready for the hatching season; Auburn students go to Chicago exposition--Fifteen men attend International Stock Show and meetings--Impressive delegation from A.P.I.; News in brief; Giving the proper culture to grapevines means more and better fruit; Curing farm drudgery with sanitation--Unfortunate features of rural life are being nullified by the installation of running water and sewage disposal systems; (editorials); More brick brooders more Alabama fryers; Pullets beat hens in producing eggs; Cattle vs. cotton (poem); Keeps a record knows his hens; Tells how to get ahead of weather; Life; Better marketing assures greater profits from dairy products; Tell how to have improved pasture; Ag alumni page; Alabama Farm Woman (Watch party for New Year's Eve; Kitchen kinks; Has anybody seen my keys?; Our critics; Select the child's wardrobe for health);...
Savage, Victor, Jr
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