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Pepper family film: reel 14

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Man and boy playing baseball in yard; shot of landscape, beach, backyard; baby; boy with ball on the beach, man and woman holding baby on beach, woman pushing baby in stroller on the beach, boy skimboarding, man attempting to skimboard, boy smiling for camera; large gathering with many people and lots of food, cakes, tables spread with desserts; young girl in yard, young boy at doorway dressed for school with backpack, woman walking with young girl, children walking to school bus; young boy and girl with toddler folding up sheet outside, young girl and toddler hit each other, toddler sitting in wagon, young boy and girl sitting sheet up as a tent; toddler swinging on play set; sheet set up as tent, boy crawls into tent, girl and toddler pose for camera, toddler crying, boy puts bundle of sticks into tent; boy climbing up basketball hoop and sits on backboard, toddler in diaper on the pole; toddler smiles for camera in the yard, boy cleaning the car with hose, toddler with baby doll, toddler attempting to open car door, toddler running around the drive way, lawn chairs, another baby doll, toddler covers baby doll face with blanket, toddler carrying both baby dolls, elderly man with children, boy with kite, girl with bouncy ball; elderly man with children to see small airplane, boy climbs onto airplane and sits in cockpit; children, boy wearing coonskin hat, toddler in playpen, boy riding scooter, girl putting and pushing toddler on small bicycle and scooter,...
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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