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Interview with Kenneth T. Anderson, January 9th, 1992

@ University of Kentucky. Libraries

Anderson, Kenneth T. (interviewee)


Kenneth T. Anderson was born in Garrard County, Kentucky. His father did work as a carpenter, but also owned a farm where he raised tobacco. Anderson reminisces about living on his father's farm, including the various food production and preservation practices used. He talks about his early education, which was in segregated schools and briefly mentions raising his first crop of tobacco while he was a 4-H member. He tells how he bought a farm and raised dairy cattle on it, with a herd varying from twenty to twenty five in size. He states that the income from this was supplemented with off-farm employment and by raising tobacco. He tells why he no longer is a dairy farmer, since the work did not produce enough income. He gives his opinion that government farm policy favors larger producers, but states that he has continued to work in industry. He also reflects on church life and his experience within it.This item has been aggregated as part of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL)'s "Deeply Rooted: The Agricultural & Rural History of the American South" project.
Mullinax, Maureen (interviewer)
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