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DARE Interview: Ripley, Ohio; Primary Informant OH057

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Informant Data:OH057: White; female; age: 68 (old); education: some college; community type: villageMedia Files:Arthur the Rat. Speaker: OH057 (3:26)Full Interview (Tape 1246-S1).Content:00:30 Arthur the Rat04:35 Family history—year grandfather bought house, grandfather's job history as a missionary to the Dakota Indians, number of servants Informant had as a child08:30 Class structure of town, integration of town, local history of Mr. Rankin, abolitionist19:05 Recent tornado—direction of tornado, towns hardest hit, number of victims, damage, Informant's experience24:55 Tobacco industry—types of tobacco grown, description of tobacco plant, description of tobacco auctions, names of tobacco companies32:00 Tape end

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