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Sheffield home movie collection, Reel 14, Rolls 5-9 (hm-sheff_0100)

@ Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection


Test pattern. Black slug. Segment one: Vacation in British Columbia, 0:51. Orange and red flowers make up bushes around the outside of a garden sitting area. There are white wicker chairs. Men in suits walk in the garden. A hand displays a pale orange flower. Bright orange flowers are shown up close, then collections of other flowers. A person is silhouetted outside on a porch facing a blue lake and tall mountains. A man walks through the flowers. People sit on grass surrounding a pool in the mountains. A road drives through the valley to see the mountains. Water flows down. A dam has water cascading down the side of it. At the bottom, the water flows swiftly into a canal. There is a lot of concrete and pipework on the surrounding hills. Roads drive down to the bottom of the dam. There are tall rock walls surrounding them. In a barren area, water provides color. Another landscape is shown. Family members sit together outside warming up in the sun. They move over to flower bushes to look at flowers. There are white flowers and foxgloves of many colors. The flowers are just outside of a small airport on a lake. The family members change and go for a boat ride on the water. They are back at the small airport for sunset. A larger group of the family is on a sightseeing boat. A bird flies in the air. Red berries sit among leaves. A group of women walk...

Record Contributed By

Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection

Record Harvested From

Digital Library of Georgia


  1. African American Boys
  2. African American Men
  3. African American Women
  4. African Americans
  5. Ahwahnee Hotel
  6. Airplanes
  7. Airports
  8. Airships
  9. Amateur Films
  10. American Airlines
  11. Americus
  12. Archery
  13. Architecture, Domestic
  14. Automobiles
  15. Beaches
  16. Birds
  17. Boats And Boating
  18. Bodies Of Water
  19. Boys
  20. Bridges
  21. British Columbia
  22. Buildings, Structures, Etc
  23. Cabanas
  24. California
  25. Canals
  26. Carts And Carriages
  27. Castles
  28. Cemeteries
  29. Christmas
  30. Christmas Trees
  31. Cities And Towns
  32. Commencement Ceremonies
  33. Dams
  34. Deer
  35. Description And Travel
  36. Docks
  37. Domes
  38. Dwellings
  39. El Capitan (Calif.)
  40. Families
  41. Family Vacations
  42. Ferries
  43. Fishes
  44. Fishing
  45. Flight Attendants
  46. Flowers
  47. France
  48. Gardens
  49. Georgia
  50. Girls
  51. Half Dome (Calif.)
  52. Helicopters
  53. Horses
  54. Humboldt County
  55. Humboldt County (Calif.)
  56. Locks (Hydraulic Engineering)
  57. Marinas
  58. Markets
  59. Men
  60. Motorcycles
  61. Motorcyclists
  62. Moulin Rouge (Night Club : Paris, France)
  63. Mount Hood National Forest (Or.)
  64. Mount Rainier National Park (Wash.)
  65. Mountains
  66. New York
  67. New York (N.Y.)
  68. New York (State)
  69. Notre Dame De Paris (Cathedral)
  70. Oregon
  71. Paris
  72. Paris (France)
  73. Parties
  74. Picnics
  75. Pigeons
  76. Rafts
  77. Rising And Setting
  78. San Francisco
  79. San Francisco (Calif.)
  80. Sepulchral Monuments
  81. Ships
  82. Shrubs
  83. Signs And Signboards
  84. Smoking
  85. Spires
  86. Stained Glass Windows
  87. Statue Of Liberty (New York, N.Y.)
  88. Statues
  89. Stone Walls
  90. Storefronts
  91. Sun
  92. Swans
  93. Swimming Pools
  94. Three Brothers (Calif.)
  95. Thunderbird Park (Victoria, B.C.)
  96. Totem Poles
  97. Tour Eiffel (Paris, France)
  98. Towers
  99. Treasure Island (San Francisco, Calif.)
  100. Trees
  101. United States
  102. Washington (State)
  103. Water Skiing
  104. Waterfalls
  105. Women
  106. Yosemite Falls (Calif.)
  107. Yosemite National Park (Calif.)

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