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Letter from Catherine Clarkson, Ipswich, [England], to John Bishop Estlin, 1846 May 12

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Holograph, signed.Title devised by cataloger.Boston Public Library (Rare Books Department) manuscript contains 2 letters, one dated May 12, 1846 and one dated May 19th, 1846. A third note is written "Mrs. Clarkson to J.B. Estlin in reference to her husband-Thomas Clarkson's views of the conduct towards W.L.Garrison of the B&F A.S. Society."Catherine Clarkson writes to John Bishop Estlin in her first letter written on May 12, 1846 regarding his previous letter to her husband and the delay in reading it to him. She writes of her husband's publication, "An Essay on the Slavery & Commerce of the Human Species" as it relates to Wilberforce's writings and essay, "an appeal to the justice & of the inhabitants of the British Empire on behalf of the slaves of the West Indies...published in 1823." She also writes of her having read a book "by Dr. Channing on the subject of Emancipation though I dare not trust my memory with making any strong statement of its contents. The whole book seemed imbued with Christian Love." She discusses Mr. Clarkson's health. In the second letter to J.B. Estlin she writes of her disapproval of Boston abolitionists. She writes, "There is too small a strong feeling in the minds of many that Boston abolitionists have identified themselves too much with anti-state x (what they deem not merely anti-church) but antireligious views to make it easy to write with them though every one feels how much the cause is indebted to them. I have used the word...
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