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House Joint Resolutions: Feb. 6-Feb. 13

@ North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

North Carolina. General Assembly


Powell, Ptolemy; Green, James; Gilbert, William; Savage, William; Hunt, John; Oldham, Thomas; Bryan, William; Blount, Benjamin; Armstrong, John; Wilkinson, William; Henry, Patrick; Lillington, Alexander; Locke, Matthew; Skinner, William; Craike, Thomas; William, Nathan; Long, Nicholas; Whitaker, John;Feb. 6: re payroll of Captain Ptolemy Powell; Feb. 6: re petition of Rev. Adam Boyd for rations and forage; Feb. 8: directing James Green to pay treasury for horses sold (with messages); Feb. 9: allowing William Gilbert to resign (with message); Feb. 9: re Dr. Savage's account of supplies for Col. Chariol (with messages); Feb. 9: in favor of Savage and Westmore (message only); Feb. 10: re settlement of public accounts (rejected) (with messages); Feb. 10: re citizenship for Thomas Oldham and John Cruden (with messages and petitions of Cruden); Feb. 11: certifying town plan of New Bern (with messages); Feb. 11: allowing William Bryan to resign (with message); Feb. 11: allowing Benjamin Blount to resign (with message); Feb. 11: in favor of John Armstrong (with message); Feb. 11: in favor of William Wilkinson (with message); Feb. 11: in favor of _____ Agerton (messages only); Feb. 12: to send to governor and to governor of Virginia information about insurrection in Tryon County (with messages); Feb. 12: to send money to Brig. Gen. Matthew Locke for defense of frontier, etc. (with message); Feb. 12: to appoint officers of light horse (with messages); Feb. 12: to impower justices to seize disaffected persons (with messages); Feb. 12: allowance to Gen. William Skinner (with message); Feb. 12: allowance...
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