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Introduction Reels 433-434

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Fall, 1963 Reels 433-434 INTRODUCTION I have collected folk songs from two different sections of Arkansas. The first songs on the tape were collected in southeast Arkansas and are sung by a blind negro midget. His name is Dailey Dansley. Bailey has been blind for about thirty years. A dynamite cap exploded in his hand when he was about five years old, which caused his blind­ness and also the loss of three fingers on his right hand. It was quite an experience to collect these songs from Bailey. I had to drive about forty miles to get to his home and then we had to go back to a nearby town and get his guitar out of hock. I got my other recordings from Irene Sargent who lives in West Fork, Arkansas. All the songs that she sang for me are ones that she learned from her mother or some of her mother's sisters. Mrs. Sargent really enjoyed doing the songs and is very interested in folk singing. Collecting these songs was quite an experience for me, plus I learned a lot about people and their beliefs as expressed through their singing. Don Callaway Fall, 1963 Funding for digitization provided by the Arkansas Humanities Council and the Happy Hollow Foundation.
Callaway, Don (Collector of folk music)
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