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Oral History of Minh Duong

@ UC Irvine, Libraries, Southeast Asian Archive

Duong, Minh


An oral history with Mr. Minh Duong, born in 1967 in Quang Tri, Vietnam. He lived on a farm with his family until he escaped Vietnam in 1981. He discussed his difficult voyage from Vietnam to the refugee camp in Pulau Bidong, Malaysia. He then discussed how he was sponsored by his uncle to immigrate to America. After coming to Irvine, California, he worked a variety of jobs while also going to school. He worked at a carwash, as a newspaper boy, a factory overseer, and currently a real estate agent. He met his wife in 1991 and married her in 1993 and now lives with her and their three children in Mission Viejo, California.Recorded Digitally
Duong, Cody
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