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Lytle family film: reel 1

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Wide shot of field; shot of field, white man and African American man pushing John Deere tractor in shed, woman making three point turn in drive way in front of shed; African American man operating tractor in field; men around tractor and automobile on side of the road, African American men and white men planting and working with tractor; shot of shed with tractors parked inside, shot of tractor, African American woman with apron and head wrap posing for camera, African American women dancing for white toddler being held by young African American woman; African American woman with apron and head wrap sitting in front of small wooden house, profile of African American womans face; grocery with Coca-Cola sign, automobile parked in front of grocery, three African American men sitting outside of grocery on well head, African American man taking off hat for camera; African American men walking down dirt road toward grocery; large group of African American men at well head, Snuff sign at grocery, African American passes by on mule as automobile passes; three African American men walking away from grocery B-wind B+W reversal. Framing is very high on film. 16 FPS. Highlandale Cotton, General Shots, and J.R. Humphreys
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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