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Photograph of Peach Blossom in Nashville, Tennessee, circa 1960

@ Nashville Public Library


A photograph of Peach Blossom, the family home of Joseph Erwin, located at 215 Craighead Avenue, circa 1960. The original structure was constructed in a Georgian architectural style, built circa 1803, and subsequent owners of the property made new additions over the years. Joseph Erwin was a wealthy land owner and planter with cotton interests in New Orleans, and his estate covered an area in that part of Nashville which is now occupied by various subdivisions and the campus of West End High School, which is on the National Register of Historic Sites. Erwin's daughter, Jane, married Charles Dickinson, a man now famous for having fought and died in a pistol duel with Andrew Jackson in the year 1806. Dickinson's remains were buried on the Erwin farm. Jane Dickinson, his widow, married John B. Craighead, son of Reverend Thomas B. Craighead, and their home still stands nearby. The Erwin property was later known as Whitworth Farms, prior to its development as residential property.
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