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Oral History of Joe Do

@ UC Irvine, Libraries, Southeast Asian Archive

Do, Joe


An oral history with Mr. Joe Do, born in 1965 in Saigon, Vietnam. He spent his childhood attending school in Vietnam. Life changed for Joe after the Fall of Saigon in 1975 as food was harder to come by and political difficulties were faced. His father spent some time in a re-education camp due to his occupation in the Vietnamese Air Force. Joe escaped by boat in the summer of 1982. The boat was rescued by an American ship after a few days on the water. He spent time in refugee camps in Singapore and Indonesia before being sponsored by a family to come to America in 1984. After coming to the United States, Joe held a job at a swap meet, worked in manufacturing at Toshiba, became a real estate agent, a medical coder, and is currently a research study coordinator. Throughout his time in America, Joe has lived in Southern California, Seattle, and Houston. Currently, he is married with two kids and is living in Fountain Valley, California.Recorded Digitally
Do, Paul
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