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DARE Interview: Nacogdoches, Texas; Primary Informant TX049

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Informant Data:TX049: White; male; age: 92 (old); education: high school; community type: small cityMedia Files:Full Interview 1 (Tape 1634-S1).Content:00:40 Owned three saloons, segregated his bar02:15 Born on a farm, employment, buying saloons, segregation07:50 Person who shot Black people; traded a saloon for 400 acres10:30 Sold out whiskey business, married, farmed15:40 Plow, farming18:15 Cotton gin [described], selling cotton23:50 Farm life, farm animals, their land, cotton farming29:05 Traveled selling cotton seed29:30 Tape endFull Interview 2 (Tape 1634-S2).00:15 Local woman; snuff [chat]02:25 [Sings songs]06:50 Saloon; selling whiskey wholesale, traveling selling whiskey08:10 Was a fiddler; fiddles10:45 Traveling selling whiskey; alcohol drinks sold in the saloon; fights; saloon building; drinks26:50 Farm buildings, farm animals; ox teams, calls to oxen30:15 Nacogdoches in the past—killings; dances; he played the fiddle there31:35 Auction of oxen32:10 Tape endFull Interview 3 (Tape 1635-S1). [Additional speakers: Informant's wife]00:20 Calling to mules and horses01:40 Killer in past, Marshall, guns, account of killing, Sheriff09:45 Logging, oxen, saws, cutting trees11:55 Killer in Louisiana12:20 Railroad, driving train, wood for engine15:45 Sheriff, account of confrontation with killer and shooting[+wife] 22:45 Courting, dances, engagement, wedding29:00 Father was first Deputy Sheriff; relatives; Sheriff31:25 Tape endFull Interview 4 (Tape 1635-S2). [Additional speakers: Informant's wife]00:05 Texas Rangers[+ wife] 00:35 Courting, dances[+ wife] 06:35 Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren12:25 Illegal whiskey; whiskey; alcohol; moonshiners; bootleg whiskey20:20 Nacogdoches in the past, law enforcement21:25 Funerals23:05 Preachers, sheriff, outlaws25:50 Childhood games, marble games, ballgames, croquet, cards, group game [song]31:30 Fiddling match31:35 Tape end

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