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And So, Back to the White House

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Article in Report from Rutgers about Brooks Hays' appointment as consultant to President Lyndon Johnson And So, Back To The White House Brooks Hays is courtly, Southern and a soft-spoken teller of tales. He savors the low-keyed humor of his native Arkansas, delighting in stories like the one about the old gentleman who, when asked "How do you feel this morning?", replied, "Have you got time to listen?" Hays looks and sounds like a benevolent, small-town minister. (In fact, he is one of the very few laymen ever to have headed the Southern Baptist Convention.) But he has spent the major part of his life in the thick of politics. As a member of the 78th through the 85th Congresses, and as an advisor to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, he has been in the center of some of the most explosive issues of the last two decades. Recently, he was asked by President Johnson to end his two years of service as Arthur T. Vanderbilt Professor of Public Affairs at Rutgers to become a consultant to the President and White House representative in the Community Relations Service, the agency which serves as peace-maker in civil rights disputes. Hays describes his years at Rutgers as "one of the happiest experiences of my life." "I've had a pleasant retreat from political buffeting and the chance to reflect and recharge myself. Now it's time to take what I've learned and put it back to work," he says. Hays first became nationally identified with...
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April 1966
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