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Fancher family film: reel 5

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Maypole Day, children marching for event, children wearing outfits and carrying flags to represent different countries, children gathered around the Maypole, young girls wearing dresses and skipping around the Maypole; damaged film; young boys wearing hats marching around, shirtless boy wearing an army helmet and carrying an Australian flag, children outside of school house; damaged film; blank film; boys playing with hula hoop, little girl playing with hula hoop, grown man swinging hula hoop by his neck, elderly people in lawn chair in back yard, little girl swinging on a bench, dog tied up in yard, adult women hula hooping on patio; blurry close up of persons eye; young boy hula hooping on patio, women hula hooping, man hula hooping, young girl playing with multiple hula hoops at once, people hula hooping; blank film; woman with baby, dog, toddler asleep on the couch, woman giving baby a pacifier; naked baby on blanket; baby crawling on carpet; toddler eating ice cream, adults at picnic table, foldout chairs, Budweiser cans; overexposed film; girl in yard, suburban house, lawn chairs, quick shot of picnic, baby on table, food, Budweiser cans, women with bouffant hair styles, woman with children, toddler with large dog, elderly couple; toddler with jacket, automobile with Mississippi license plate, playground set, shot of large yard with horse in the background, dog and miniature horse running together in a large yard, dog leaping fence, young man holding toddler; overexposed film; toddler on young mans shoulders, young woman short hair playing with...
Created Date:
1944 1945 1944; 1945
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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