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A.B. Spellman comments on the pardon granted to President Richard Nixon


Rivero, Marita White, Conrad Barrow-Murray, Barbara Spooner, Dighton


This clip features "The Word" with commentary by professor and historian A.B. Spellman focuses on the pardon and immunity granted to President Richard M. Nixon, based on a plea of depression. Spellman compares this to the treatment given to African Americans facing time in jail. Overall in this program, Say Brother presents the musical group Tavares, who perform in-studio before an audience. The Tavares brothers (Arthur Tavares, Ralph Vierra Tavares, Perry Lee Tavares, Antone Tavares, and Feliciano Tavares, aka Chubby, Tiny, Ralph, Pooch, and Butch) sing "Am I Too Late," "Strangers in Dark Corners," "If That's the Way You Want It," and "Check It Out" with supporting musicians. Additional program segments include a mime performance by Halim Adbur Rashid (Fred Johnson), "Access" (on the services of the Roxbury Defenders Committee, Inc.), "Information" (on rent control and rent increases), "Blast From the Past" (with an excerpt from a 1968 Say Brother interview with musician Smokey Robinson), "The Word" (with commentary by professor and historian A.B. Spellman on the recent pardon granted by President Gerald Ford to President Richard Nixon on September 4, 1974), the "Community Calendar," and "Commentary" by Producer Marita Rivero. Directed by Conrad White.
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Farrier, StephenCooper, JamesMcGuire Nicholas, SallieCogell, LloydDavis, TonyCross, JuneBoston Art EnsembleWilliams, Ira
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