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WSB-TV newsfilm clip of reporter Lo Jelks interviewing administrators and students about the possibility of merging two colleges, one historically white and one historically African American, in Savannah, Georgia, 1970 May 11

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WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.)


Reporter: Jelks, Lo, 1939-.In this WSB newsfilm clip from May 11, 1970, reporter Lo Jelks interviews administration and students about the possibility of merging the two colleges in Savannah, Georgia, the historically white Armstrong State College and the historically African American Savannah State College.The clip begins with an African American student leaving a building and walking across a field at Savannah State College. Next, the camera focuses on a sign for Armstrong State College. The sign indicates that the school is part of the University System of Georgia and was founded in 1935. The camera moves to show campus buildings. On the lawn, white students read and nap. Other students sit on benches. Later an interracial group of students walk down the sidewalks. Inside a classroom, a white professor teaches a math or science class. In another room, an African American man, possibly Savannah State President Dr. Howard Jordan, speaks with Lo Jelks, an African American reporter. In another classroom, a nun teaches African American students. After this, the clip returns to the interview with Dr. Jordan. In the interview, Jelks and Dr. Jordan speak about the federal lawsuit alleging a segregated system of higher education in Georgia. Dr. Jordan counters the claim of a dual system of college education. He points out some of the differences between college and elementary and high schools. While the government mandates elementary and secondary education, college is a choice. Students are not assigned which college to attend but make that choice themselves. In...
Jelks, Lo, 1939
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