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The colonizationist, 1847-05

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Indiana Colonization Society


This is volume 2, issue 2 of "The Colonizationist", a monthly publication of the Indiana Colonization Society. It was printed by the Indiana State Journal in Indianapolis. The ICS, formed in 1829 and based in Indianapolis, advocated for the relocation of free people of color and emancipated slaves to settlements in Liberia, Africa. Overwhelmingly white, supporters of the Colonization Movement argued that an integrated society was impractical and impossible, and that black people could find liberty only in Africa. Free black people voiced strong opposition to this movement, as did abolitionists, who viewed the agenda of the Society as counterproductive for racial reconciliation and ineffective as a scheme to combat slavery. The publication was edited by B.T. Kavanaugh and P.D. Gurley and published by the Indiana State Journal, which was owned by publisher John D. Defrees. Kavanaugh, (1805-1888) was a Methodist minister and the "agent" of the ICS. P.D. Gurley, (1816-1868), was the minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis (1840-1849), and later in 1859, was appointed the Chaplain of the United States. The publication contains essays by Kavanugh and Gurley, excerpts from like minded publications, such as The Colonization Herald, and an excerpt from the Cincinnati Herald on the topic of Liberia and its progress as a colony. It also includes poetry by a contributor with the penname "Stella". In the essay "Speaking the Truth in Love" the author argues that opponents be engaged with less harsh criticism in order to persuade them to the cause of Colonization....
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