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DARE Interview: Harrodsburg, Kentucky; Primary Informant KY063

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Informant Data:KY063: White; female; age: 56 (middle-aged); education: college; community type: villageKY064: White; male; age: 54 (middle-aged); education: college; community type: villageMedia Files:Arthur the Rat. Speaker: KY063 (3:21)Full Interview (Tape 0561-S1). [Additional speakers: KY064]Content:[KY063] 00:20 Arthur the Rat03:45 Local history—historical society, local buildings, immigrant settlers09:05 Family history—settlers before 180010:50 Slavery; U.S. Civil War11:40 Stone fence construction12:45 Farming—horses, steam engines, wheat threshing16:35 Antique collecting[KY064] 19:40 Tobacco growing, tobacco curing, tobacco sales[KY063] 27:15 Alternative crops to tobacco, effect of cigarette smoking reduction[KY064] 28:50 Alternatives to tobacco, cigarette smoking30:25 Tape end

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