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Letter from Robert L. Carter to Caleb Foote

@ University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Slowly degenerating in camp: his is a labor battalion, but he does no work. Enjoyed reading Muste; CPS. "You seem now convinced that militancy on the part of the pacifist is the correct course and desire to carry that militancy to its logical conclusion. I don't know what the hell to advise except to stat the obvious -- the time when one can be militantly opposed to Roosevelt's war policy and remain a loyal citizen seem about at end. I underline this last statement because as to the country's sentiments my information is directly contrary to yours. From all the information I can get, (and admittedly my sources are much more limited than yours) but from all the data I can get hold of there seems to be an increasing clamor for war... The people whose support you would most likely get -- the American Firsters, he Anti-Semetics, the Fascists -- are those with whom you probably have no desire to have association. My own pacifism is undergoing a severe test. With each new Nazi victory my boogey man, a Hitler dominated orld, comes out to haunt me and frighten me. Muste's analysis of the war situation hekped me to see that war wasn't the way out even though I am deathly afraid of a Nazi victory. I am now being bombarded with views and sentiments that as a Negro I must favor a declaration of war since we can't fight for democracy abroad without gaining democracy at home. The...
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