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Lytle family film: reel 5

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White men driving off in car together; white men standing in front of car at gas station, young man filling car with gas, Stand Oil building in the background; young African American men in uniform outside seaside resort; man taking picture of woman sitting on bench, automobiles, beach in the background; dark footage of white men and women inside of club house, people smoking, playing chess, taking pictures; shirtless older man with shirt resting on shoulders, men and women posing for camera; large sail boats on the beach beyond the piers, Buena Vista Hotel Pier sign, automobiles, beach; blank film; entrance to golf course with two small brick pillars; young African American man caddy; shot of golf course club house, women in dresses and hats, rocking chairs, large porch; shot of people on porch, Oh Henry box on table, women looking into camera, woman sticking out tongue, Coca-Cola freezer and glass, women wearing golf visors; men walking on the grounds, women walking around the grounds; shots of women golfing; women sitting on top of elevated object to view tournament in the background, dog; group of women gathered, woman smoking, man on golf course; shots of women smoking, young African American boy, golfers in the background; women sitting on ground behind bench, shot of woman through spaces in the bench; woman asleep in the grass; man and woman talking on course; men and women walking outside of club house, Slow sign; group of women under tree for shade, shots of women...
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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