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[Lecture by Dr. Isaac R. Clark and Student Sermons]

@ Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library

Clark, Isaac R


Dr. Isaac R. Clark conducts a question and answers session with a student over the meaning of transition and gives a lecture on ministers. Students present sermons. An unidentified man gives a presentation where he mentions the CME church.00:00:11 Unidentified man reads scripture. 00:01:27 Dr. Isaac Clark talks about what is meant by transitions in general and what is meant by rest stop type transitions. Asks a student for definitions of transitions. 00:05:34 Dr. Clark asks a student for an instance in using a station indicator and asks about rest stop indicators. 00:09:49 A student talks about major breaks in parts of the sermon body. 00:14:59 Dr. Clark talks about three kinds of abdication. 00:20:30 A student answers the question from Dr. Clark regarding the application to give first aid to a problem that is discovered. 00:29:13 Unidentified man speaks over static. Talks about CME meeting on Charlotte’s place. 00:48:29 Talks about Walter D. Wagner’s book, Bachelor of Divinity. 01:01:01 A student gives a sermon from gospel of St. Luke 8:22-25. 01:04:42 Introduces subject, “Utilizing the Real Source of Power.” 01:12:54 States the first thing that the text suggests is to recognize the presence of someone who is capable of helping by means of awakening the soul. 01:22:17 Talks about the calming of tensions and frustrations, relying on God’s ability to conquer the storm. 01:32:18 Dr. Isaac Clark talks about angels and the consideration given to it in the history of Christianity by theologians. 01:37:19 Talks about the term minister...
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1965 01 01
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