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House Joint Resolutions: April 21-June 3

@ North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

North Carolina. General Assembly


Armstrong, John; Hogan, John; Palmer, Martin; Moore, Joseph; Linley, John; Blount, James; Dennis, Nathaniel; Kimbol, Buckner; Seawell, Thomas; Kendrick, Jones; Vickers, John; Brownfield, Robert; Yancey, Lewis; Graves, Elijah; McClure, Matthew; Pollack, Cullen; Jarnagan, Needham; Long, Nicholas; Vass, Philip; Davidson, George; Jones, Henry; Peebles, Joseph; Gilbert, James; Culbertson, William; Robeson, Benjamin; Bryan, John Council; Pittman, Joseph;Apr. 21: Resolution replacing certificate lost by John Hogan (petition and depositions only); Apr. 22: Resolution in favor of Martin Palmer; Apr. 23: Resolution in favor of Joseph Moore; Apr. 23: Resolution in favor of Thomas Seawell, district auditor of Wilmington District; Apr. 26: Resolution confirming the court martial sentence of Colonel James Blount (governor's message and court martial proceedings only); Apr. 27: Resolution to remove Buckner Kimbol from the office of justice of the peace in Montgomery County; Apr. 27: Resolution prescribing method of reading bills in the future; Apr. 29: Resolution appointing Committee of Claims and Depreciation; Apr. 29: Resolution endorsing the resolution in favor of Thomas Seawell, district auditor of Wilmington (rejected); Apr. 29: Resolution in favor of Jones Kendrick; Apr. 30: Resolution regarding petition of John Vickers of Orange County (petition only); May 1: Resolution in favor of Robert Brownfield and Nathaniel Alexander; May 5: Resolution in favor of Elijah Graves for executed slave; May 5: Resolution regarding the accounts of Matthew McClure (rejected); May 5: Resolution ordering treasurers to withhold payment awarded as compensation for executed slaves until further directions from the Assembly (with message); May 6: Resolution regarding the petition...
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This item is provided courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina and is a public record according to G.S.132.
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  1. Administration Of Estates
  2. Alexander, Nathaniel, 1756 1808
  3. American Loyalists
  4. Appointment To Office
  5. Auditors
  6. Bertie County (N.C.)
  7. Burke, Thomas, Approximately 1747 1783
  8. Butler, John, 1786
  9. Census
  10. Chatham County (N.C.)
  11. Cherokee Indians
  12. Clarke, Elijah, 1733 1799
  13. Corporal Punishment
  14. Courthouses
  15. Courts Martial And Courts Of Inquiry
  16. Crime
  17. Davidson, William Lee, 1746 1781
  18. Delaware
  19. Depreciation
  20. Duplin County (N.C.)
  21. Edenton (N.C.)
  22. Edgecombe County (N.C.)
  23. Elections
  24. Executions And Executioners
  25. Factories
  26. Firearms
  27. Fires
  28. Georgia
  29. Gillespie, James, 1747 1805
  30. Government
  31. Governors
  32. Grand Turk (Ship)
  33. Granville County (N.C.)
  34. Harnett County (N.C.)
  35. Hertford County (N.C.)
  36. Hillsborough (N.C.)
  37. History
  38. Hospitals
  39. Justices Of The Peace
  40. Land Grants
  41. Legislation
  42. Legislators
  43. Maryland
  44. Mecklenburg County (N.C.)
  45. Military Supplies
  46. Misconduct In Office
  47. Monopolies
  48. Montgomery County (N.C.)
  49. Moore County (N.C.)
  50. New Bern (N.C.)
  51. New Hanover County (N.C.)
  52. North Carolina
  53. North Carolina. General Assembly
  54. North Carolina. General Assembly. House Of Commons
  55. Orange County (N.C.)
  56. Philadelphia (Pa.)
  57. Politics And Government
  58. Prisoners Of War
  59. Promissory Notes
  60. Public Buildings
  61. Quartermasters
  62. Resignation From Office
  63. Revolution, 1775 1783
  64. Rowan County (N.C.)
  65. Salisbury (N.C.)
  66. Sampson County (N.C.)
  67. Slaver
  68. Slaves
  69. South Carolina
  70. Surry County (N.C.)
  71. Tariff
  72. Tax Collection
  73. Taxation
  74. Treaties
  75. United States
  76. United States. Continental Congress
  77. Virginia
  78. Wake County (N.C.)
  79. Wilmington (N.C.)
  80. Winston, Joseph, 1746 1815
  81. Wounds And Injuries

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