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Broadside for a New Orleans auction of 18 enslaved persons from Alabama

@ National Museum of African American History and Culture

Unidentified Norbert Vignie


A single-sheet broadside with bold serif font typeface advertising an auction for the sale of eighteen slaves. It consists of black printed text on off-white paper. The top of the broadside reads "SLAVES! / Long Credit Sale / of / Plantation Hands / from Alabama, without reserve.” The broadside lists the sale location as the St. Louis Hotel and the date the sale is to take place as March 25, 1858. It then lists the names, ages and skills of the individuals being sold. A disclaimer in the middle of the broadside reads “All of the above Slaves are from the State of Alabama, and sold under / a full guarantee, except the defects above stated. The bottom portion of the broadside lists additional enslaved people being sold at this auction. At the bottom of the broadside an additional disclaimer and terms of sale are listed.The enslaved persons to be auctioned are listed as follows:Absalom, 28, plantation handNed, 43, plantation handTom, about 46, plantation handBill, 23, plantation handFrank, 25, plantation handAlfred, 35, plantation handPolly, 23, cook, washer and ironerGeorge, 23, plantation hand and carriage driver; to be sold with his wife Martha, 30 and their four children, Ned, 7, Nancy 6, Horace, 4, and Mary, 1Dan, 23, cooperLewis, 35, general laborFirman, 40, laborerMary, 27, house servantJim, 26, general labor
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