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Petitions (Miscellaneous)

@ North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

North Carolina. General Assembly


Adams, Richard; Alexander, John; Alford, Theophilus; Armstrong, John; Barr, James; Bellow, Walter; Benbury, Thomas; Blount, William; Bradford, John; Brevard, Hugh; Bridges, William; Brown, William; Bruce, Charles; Byars, James; Campbell, Farquar; Campbell, Farquhard; Campbell, John; Carson, Thomas; Davis, Grace; Davis, John; Davis, Richard; Dixon, Joseph; Doake, Samuel; Erwin, Robert; Frohock, Thomas; Gardner, William; Goden, David; Gourdon, Ferdinand; Haily, David; Housman, John; Jones, Benjamin; Kennedy, John; Kerr, James; Knox, James; Lanier, Robert; Long, Nicholas; Loop, John; Lutterloh, Henry Emanuel; Martin, James; McCormick, William; McCulloh, George; McDowell, Joseph; Merrick, George; Miles, Hannah; Mulloy, James; Murphey, William; Newby, Matthew; Norman, Henry; Pasteur, John; Pasteur, William; Pendester, Jane; Purse, Henry; Reinhart, Christian; Robertson, Peter; Samuel Knox; Sanders, Joseph; Seawell, Benjamin; Shepperd, Williams; Simmons, Thomas; Spurgines, William; Traverse, Patrick; Vermillion, Wilson; Waightsville, Avery; Wallace, Joseph; Ward, Frederick; Williams, Joseph; Witherspoon, David; Wootten, William; Young, Catharine; Young, Henry;December 8: Petition of James Barr Executor of Joseph Wallace; December 8: Petition of Samuel Knox of Mecklenburg County; December 9: Representation of Farquar Campbell; December 9: Petition of Henry Norman (with Certification); December 9: Petition of John Campbell the Administrator of James Mulloy; December 9: Petition of George Merrick (with Resolution and Committee Report); December 10: Petition of Thomas Simmons; December 13: Petition of James Kerr and John Alexander, Executors of Hugh Brevard; December 13: Petition of James Byars (with Deposition); December 13: Petition of the Quakers; December 13: Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of New Hanover County; December 14: Petition of David Goden; December 14: Petition of Grace Davis...
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This item is provided courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina and is a public record according to G.S.132.
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North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

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  1. Actions And Defenses
  2. Administration Of Estates
  3. African Americans
  4. Animal Traps
  5. Artisans
  6. Attorneys General
  7. Bath (N.C.)
  8. Beaufort County (N.C.)
  9. Bladen County (N.C.)
  10. Brunswick County (N.C.)
  11. Burke County (N.C.)
  12. Camden County (N.C.)
  13. Cape Fear River (N.C.)
  14. Capital Punishment
  15. Capitalists And Financiers
  16. Caswell County (N.C.)
  17. Cattle
  18. Citizenship, Loss Of
  19. Cogdell, Richard, 1724 1787
  20. Commercial Products
  21. Contracts For Deeds
  22. Corporal Punishment
  23. Costs (Law)
  24. Crime
  25. Criminals
  26. Crops
  27. Cumberland County (N.C.)
  28. Debt
  29. Debtor And Creditor
  30. Depreciation
  31. Devaluation Of Currency
  32. Duplin County (N.C.)
  33. Edenton (N.C.)
  34. Executors And Administrators
  35. Expenditures, Public
  36. Fear, Cape (N.C.)
  37. Finance, Public
  38. Fires
  39. Franklin County (N.C.)
  40. Fraud
  41. Funeral Rites And Ceremonies
  42. Game Laws
  43. Georgia
  44. Government
  45. Governors
  46. Great Britain
  47. Guilford County (N.C.)
  48. Halifax (N.C.)
  49. Hamilton, John, 1817
  50. Hanging
  51. Hawkins County (Tenn.)
  52. Horse Stealing
  53. Hunting
  54. Indians
  55. Inheritance And Succession
  56. Interstate Commerce
  57. Iredell County (N.C.)
  58. Kentucky
  59. Labor Supply
  60. Land Titles
  61. Larceny
  62. Legislation
  63. Liberty
  64. Lincoln County (N.C.)
  65. Livestock
  66. Loans
  67. London (England)
  68. Lotteries
  69. Mc Culloh, Henry E. (Henry Eustace), Approximately 1810
  70. Mecklenburg County (N.C.)
  71. Military Pensions
  72. Military Supplies
  73. Militia
  74. Nash, Abner, Approximately 1740 1786
  75. Neuse River (N.C.)
  76. New Bern (N.C.)
  77. New Hanover County (N.C.)
  78. New York (State)
  79. North Carolina
  80. North Carolina. General Assembly
  81. North Carolina. General Assembly. House Of Commons
  82. North Carolina. General Assembly. Senate
  83. North Carolina. Superior Court Of Justice
  84. Parent And Child (Law)
  85. Parole
  86. Pasquotank County (N.C.)
  87. Pasquotank River (N.C.)
  88. Perquimans County (N.C.)
  89. Philadelphia (Pa.)
  90. Politics And Government
  91. Pork
  92. Power Of Attorney
  93. Prisoners Of War
  94. Probate Law And Practice
  95. Quakers
  96. Real Property
  97. Reclamation Of Land
  98. Registration And Transfer
  99. Religious Tolerance
  100. Riddick, Joseph, 1735 1818
  101. Roads
  102. Rockingham County (N.C.)
  103. Rowan County (N.C.)
  104. Salisbury (N.C.)
  105. Slaver
  106. Slavery
  107. Slaves
  108. Society Of Friends
  109. South Carolina
  110. Swine
  111. Tax Collection
  112. Tyrrell County (N.C.)
  113. United States
  114. United States. Congress
  115. Virginia
  116. Wages
  117. Wayne County (N.C.)
  118. White, James, 1749 1809
  119. Wilkes County (N.C.)
  120. Wills
  121. Wilmington (N.C.)

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