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Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive. Film 10 Film 10

@ Roosevelt Warm Springs Vocational Rehabilitation Campus

Georgia Warm Springs Foundation


Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive Film 10 is a thirteen minute and fourteen second compilation of promotional silent newsreel clips produced sometime between 1930 and 1950, sponsored by the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, a health resort and rehabilitation center in Meriwether County, Georgia. This film depicts numerous services and activities available to disabled patients residing at the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation that include therapeutic massage; supervised mobility exercises; occupational therapy and handicrafts; academic instruction; custom manufacture of orthopedic apparatus in an on-site shop; athletic and leisure pursuits; and religious services.The film begins with an initial title card that reads "Roosevelt Warm Spring Archive Film 10." Another title card reads "Following lunch there is a period for rest and massage." A medical technician (seen from the neck down) massages the shoulders and arms of a woman lying on top of a hospital bed; this is followed by a close-up shot of another medical technician performing massage therapy on the legs and feet of a seated male patient. The next title card reads "Supervised Walking." Here, a group of patients walk with the use of horizontal support bars that have been installed into a pedestrian walkway; these patients are accompanied by medical professionals. Several patients seated in wheelchairs sit in front of a small wooden cottage. This is followed by a sequence of shots featuring patients using assorted orthopedic apparatus that include braces, wheelchairs, and crutches to practice walking exercises and staircase work under the supervision of attendants. The next title card reads...
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