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Session of November 1792-January 1793: Miscellaneous Petitions (2 of 2)

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North Carolina. General Assembly Burke, Andrew Munford, Edward Munford, Thomas Spear, Henry Allen, Elizabeth Davidson, John Mathews, William Shepard, William Callahan, Henry Smith, James Purss, Henry Turner, Thomas Hooper, George Jones, Ed Harkins, Richard Blount, Charles Blount, William Hadley, Joshua Parker, Samuel Moore, James Gideon, James Lassitter, Nathan Sheppard, William Pope, John


Nash, William; Wills; Allen, John; Wilson, Sam; Walker, Archibald; Harris, Sherwood; Harris, Rebecca; Adams, Richard; Floyd, James; Green, John; Johnson, William; Hardy, David; Green, Robert; Patrick, John; Dawson, Larkin; Hilton, John; William, Frances; Pryer, William; Hawkins, Benjamin; Hunt, Anderson; Maclaine, Thomas; Duddley, William; Askins, Solomon; Adams, David; Branch, William; Ecum, Benjamin; Miller, Andrew; Miller, Elizabeth; Blount, Edmund; Lock, William; Vaughn, Richard; Green, James;Remonstrance of the committee of the first battalion of Mecklenburg. November 19. Petition of sundry inhabitants of Virginia. November 22. Petition of Joseph Johnston. November 23. Petition of Benjamin Jones and Joseph Richardson. November 24. Petition of Joseph Sharpe. November 26. Petition of John Kimbrough. November 27. Petition of Rhodham Adkins. November 28. Petition of Willie Jones. December 7. Petition of Benjamin Jones and others, owners and proprietors of a certain tract of land under the firm of the Lebanon Company. December 11. Petition of Joel Parrish, Jesse Newby, William Walker, Joseph Smith, and Merryman Thorn. December 12. Petition of John Pope. December 12. Petition of the inhabitants of Newbern. December 15. Petition of sundry individuals. December 17. Petition of sundry inhabitants of Orange and Wake counties. December 17. Memorial of Jesse Aycock. December 18. Petition of David Witherspoon. December 18. Petition of Richard Blackledge. December 19. Petition of James Fletcher. December 19. Petition of the inhabitants of Nixonton. December 19. Memorial of Henry E. Lutterloh. December 21. Petition of the Justices of the Peace of Franklin County. December 25. Petition of Nathaniel Christmas. December 25. Petition of...
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Harris, EtheldredHaywood, JHunt, JMunden, Levi
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