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Daisy Bates Speaks Against Slow Pace of Integration

@ University of Arkansas


Comments prepared for broadcast over WLIB Radio in New York City. -4- cannot afford to falter or stop. We must press forward, until the battle is won. Therefore, let us resolve that none will stand by as an idle spectator. Every hour is filled with destiny, and every de- lay compllicates our difficulties. In 1960, ten million registered voters were not interested enough in their city, their state or their country to spare the time to go to the polling places and cast their votes. The millions who mourned at the untimely death of our late President, November last, must never forget his famous words, when he said: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Many of us, especially of African descent, were a little puzzled by the statement. My first reaction was, what does he mean by --".....What you can do for your country?" Haven't we done enough, I thought? We have watched our fathers, our sons and our brothers on the khakis of our country to participate in major conflicts, to -more-
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June 4, 1964
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Land of (Unequal) Opportunity

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