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Petit de Coulange and Dauberville Procuration

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Louisiana Historical Quarterly segment focused on procuration involving Petit de Coulange and Dauberville. Journal Material 330 The Louisiana Historical Quarterly 1770.—April 30th. Emancipation. Clermond frees his Indian slave Luison. 1 p. stained No. 10680. pp. 96862-96863. Notary of the Cabildo (unsigned). Pierre Clermont declares that he is the owner of an Indian slave named Luison of the Souix tribe, aged 25. He has served him with a great deal of zeal for many years, and to re- compense him for his services he wishes to give him his freedom. He has need for his services for three years more, therefore the emancipation will not become effective until after that date. May 3rd. Procuration. Madame Villemond. Sent to France No. 10681. pp. 96864-96866. Garic, Notary of the Cabildo. Marie Francoise Petit de Coulange, widow by her first marriage of Guillaume Le Senechal Dauberville, and by her second marriage of Pierre Robert Girard de Villemont, in the name and as tutrix to her daughter, Mile. Marie Dauberville, and Pierre Chabert, in the name of, and as Curator to the above said Mile. Dauberville, grant their powers of attorney to Messrs. Jean Bedenes & Co., of La Rochelle, France (this name is scratched out, and the name of Mr. Huard appears throughout the record) to receive from the heirs of the succession of Delfant de Pontalba certain sums of money due by that succession to that of the deceased Guillaume Dauberville. May 3rd. Declaration. Michel Pion in favor of Pomet. No. 10682. pp....
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1731; 1749
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