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Letter from Caleb Foote to A. J. Muste

@ University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Typical incident connected to his work in San Francisco: by-stander attempts to assist in conflict between a colored sailor and four policemen after he was seen talking to a white woman (who may actually have been a "very light Negro"). CORE delegation speaks to Capt. O'Brien about the incident and are told the police are instructed "that all races are the same, that they must never use abusive language, and above all must never bring race into their conversation or actions... the trouble is that the man on the beat, who are the ones who come into contact with the public, are from all appearances deeply prejudiced..." Recent visits to CPS camps turns up anti-FOR sentiment among the radicals in all. "The point is that I hope you, Nevin, Harold Hay, and others who stress the 'unity' within the pacifist movement realize that a straddling and conservative policy to keep on good terms with groups like AFSC may do just the thing you most fear: split our ranks."
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