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Session of December 1791-January 1792: Joint Committee Reports (Propositions and Grievances)

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North Carolina. General Assembly McKinney, R Johnston, John Hawkins, Wyatt


Campbell, John; Bruce, Charles; Mulloy, James; Norman, Henry; Wilson, David; Locke, Matthew; Knox, Samuel; Gardner, William; Pridgen, Peter; Mixon, Michael; Hill, James; Hill, Barbara; Mounger, Henry; Tindal, James; Butler, Teresa; Bransby, James; Medici, Cosimo; Frohock, Thomas; McCulloh, George; Long, Nicholas; Byars, James; Wilson, George; Thomas, Theophilus; Martin, James; Smith, Archibald; Wall, William; Witherspoon, David; Readfern, James; Tilman, Henry; Gourdon, Ferdinand; Shephard, William; Adams, Richard; Housman, James; Godwin, David; Kirkpatrick, William; Burton, Robert; Mitlock, Charles; Patterson, Mark; Harper, Francis; Sanders, Joseph; Guthrie, Samuel; Carstarphen, James; Doughlas, Elizabeth; Robertson, Peter; McCormick, William; Nilms, Presly; Meredith, John; Knox, James; Blount, Edmond; Sheppard, Benjamin; Tinker, Edward; Matthews, William; Pallillo, Henry; Green, James; Crumpler, John; Johnson, Thomas; Morrison, William; Whitehall, Alexander L.; Blount, Edmond; Branch, John; Arrington, William; Blount, James; Blount, Anne; Brooks, Thomas; Carter, Jesse; Graves, Solomon; Armstrong, James; Cleary, Patrick; Craddock, John; Bostick, Ezra; Rainey, John; Wason, Joseph; Cunningham, Joseph; Michael, Nicholas; Michael, Fredrick; McCullock, Henry;December 16: Report of the Committee to whom the Petition of John Campbell Administrator of James Mulloy was Referred. December 19: Report to which was Referred the Petition of Henry Norman, Deputy Sheriff of Tyrrell County. December 19: Report to which was Referred the Petition of Samuel Knox. December 23: Report of the Petition of William Gardner. December 23: Report of the Petition of Peter Pridgen. December 26: Report of the Petition of Barbara Hill (with Petition). December 28: Report of the Petition of James Tindal. December 29: Report of the Petition of Teresa Butler. December 29: Report...
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Cabarrus, StephenLenoir, William, 1751-1839Hunt, JHaywood, J
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