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DARE Interview: Salem, Virginia; Primary Informant VA018

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Informant Data:VA018: White; female; age: 81 (old); education: college; community type: small cityMedia Files:Arthur the Rat. Speaker: VA018 (3:42)Full Interview (Tape 1689-S1). [Additional speakers: Informant's daughter]Content:00:25 Arthur the Rat04:10 Camping with family; country life06:50 Family farm—dairy, feed, garden08:10 Family history—several generations in Virginia10:15 Teaching career—one-room school to town schools10:45 Family life, family14:05 Nine generations of her family went to local church; social attitudes16:05 Teaching18:30 Governess, education as child22:00 Family life25:45 Rivalry between Roanoke and Salem28:05 Slavery: descendents of slaves of her grandmother were servants in her family29:05 Tape end

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