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Interview with Elie Andriamahandrisalama Rajaonarison (Malagasy)

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Andriambahiny, Tojohery


Elie’s father was a doctor. His parents were revivalists; they started the revivalist church “Ambatoray Soatanana.” They became very fanatic and neglected Elie’s education. Elie has studied Malagasy culture and tradition. His younger brother translated the Book of Mormon into Malagasy. He experienced parental persecution when he joined the Church. He and his wife decided they only wanted to marry once, because they saw how terrible it was to be step-children. They have three children and have taken in foster children. Elie was the District President at the time the first stake was formed. He believes that original Malagasy tradition has many similarities with the gospel of Jesus Christ, such as belief in eternal families and life after death. He is moved by the story of Lehi, who was a consummate leader and parent. He hopes for a future temple in Madagascar. He says because American leaders are Jewish, the gospel has gone to America first. All will join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or belong to the Great and Abominable Church. He believes we should practice gratitude and that the teachings of the church help us to over come challenges.
Rajaonarison, Elie Andriamahandrisalama
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