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Graphic design junior show

@ East Carolina University

Dickerson, Calill


Graphic design by Calill Dickerson for Spring 2014 in ART3210. Poster, Graphic, Design. This poster was created for my Graphic Design Junior Show of Spring 2014, where we would showcase our work in the gallery for people to see. In the early concept stages, I discovered that majority of my classmates chose a more typographical approach when designing a poster to display. Instead of following suit, I decided that designing a poster with an illustration on it will help it stand out from the others. For this, I took inspiration from older hip hop album covers. The illustration of a man pointing at the information on the poster creates an imaginary line of action, or point interest, drawing the audience’s eye to the most important part of the poster, which is the information.
East Carolina University. School of Art and Design
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