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Lytle family film: reel 8

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African American man next to automobile in front of house with African American on porch; African American men, tractors, and animals outside of large shed, close up of African American man smoking pipe and working with hammer, African American men fixing tools and sharpening plow blade, African American man leaning up against equipment, African American man fixing wheel on wagon; wide shot of white mule walking toward camera, shot of mule, plow, and young African American man, close up of plow going into dirt; groups of mules working in field; panning shot of white overseer sitting on horse in field, automobile passing, white mules pulling plow with African American man; white overseer riding horse in field with pipe in his mouth, automobile, small houses or sheds B-wind color reversal. Kodachrome stock with possible 1931 Kodak date code. Rough splices. 18 FPS. Remnant Raisin Cotton Reel 1
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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