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Lucretia Mott's home

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View showing Roadside, the three-story stone residence with an ivy-covered porch of Quaker abolitionist and reformer Lucretia Mott, in Cheltenham Township. Mott sits in a chair on the front lawn. A woman, attired in a dark-colored dress, possibly her daughter Marie Mott Davis or Elizabeth Mott Cavender, stands to her right and touches the back of her chair. Another woman, possibly her daugher Marie Mott Davis or Elizabeth Mott Cavender, attired in a dark-colored dress sits on the grass to her left. A child sits to the left of the seated woman. A child's hand cart lies in the grass next to them. Trees, mostly free of foliage, line the property. Mott and her husband James moved from their Philadelphia city residence to Roadside in 1857. The residence was used for the Underground Railroad and was part of an estate acquired by Mott's daughter Marie and her real estate developer husband Edward M. Davis known as Old Farm. Old Farm comprised land between Old York Road, Penrose Avenue, Cheltenham Avenue (City Line Avenue), and Beech Avenue. Mott's daughter Elizabeth lived at Roadside in 1865 before passing away from cancer.; J. W. Hurn, 1319 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.; Title from manuscript note on verso.; Photographer's imprint printed on verso. Illustrated with an ornament shaped as a circular frame and surrounding the imprint. Garland and ribbon adorns the outer edge of the frame.; Date inferred from format, active dates of photographer, and attire of sitters.; John W. Hurn (182-1887) was born in England...

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