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Talk: A Negro Expression

@ University of Arkansas

Moore, Robert Kennon


Collected by: Deanna Moore Transcribed by: Doug Haynie Arkansas Folklore class Sung by: R. K. Moore Benton, Arkansas November 26, 1960 Reel 381; Item 23 A Negro Expression "Then one time while we was working about five miles from Benton it came up a tremendously hard rain ana we were all saoked. But just as we got back to town some other negro that hadn't been in the rain observed that we were very wet and said, "It must have rained," one of our boys said, "It sho did." "How hard did it rain?" He said, "Niger, it opened up ana ever ait fell at one time and it done that way for thirty minutes." (My father, Mr. Kennon Moore, heard this expression one time while he was working on the railroad and he thought that it was so expressive that he has never forgotten it.) Funding for digitization provided by the Arkansas Humanities Council and the Happy Hollow Foundation.
Moore, DeannaHaynie, Douglas
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1960 11 26
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