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Anything; Sing anything

@ University of Arkansas

Fultz, Helen


Guitars; voice Collected by Patrick A. Todd Sung by Mrs. Helen Fultz Mayfield, Arkansas Accompanying herself on guitar Jan 1960 Reel 330, Item 14 "ANYTHING" 1. I have a song called anything If you will lend an ear I'll try to sing it unto you I'm sure that you will cheer 2. It's about a horse, a dog, a cat A sealskin boy or a baby A serpent and a hairpin A hairpin and a lady 3. Sing anything sing anything That's what you people say A long song a short song To pass the time away 4. A love song a comic song Oh something pray to sing Sing something Sing something Oh yes sing anything 5. I'm goin' to play my jew's hard At the sandwich Island ball If you don't put on your white shirt You can't come in at all 6. Then cover up that baldy head When you hear mosquitos sing Drive away the bumble bees For fear that they might sting 7. Go chew your own tobacco Never borrow, beg or steal drink your own mush and milk Mush of Indian meal 8. Now always treat us ladies kind Never kiss us on the sly Big Pig Little Fig Root hog or die 9. A man in Minnesota about a hundred years ago A boy in South Carolina Had a rooster that could crow 10 A man in North Carolina Has icycles on his nose They say that Sally Bunghart Has Bunyons on her...
Todd, Patrick A.
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1960 01
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