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Scrapbook of Business Trade Cards: Men's Clothing (Book 23)

@ History Colorado


This scrapbook contains trade cards from around the United States, and have to deal with men's clothing, with a total of 33 pages. Starting on page two there are three cards, and the large main one is in the shape of a fruit basket and fruit. There is a white envelope with this page that contains cards that used to be attached to page two. Page three has one large card that is made from a heavier cardboard material. It is of two woman reading a piece of paper. Page four has eight cards and the card in the middle for Williamson & Tash has two camels on the card. Page five has five cards and the bottom card is bright pink and is advertising suspenders. Page six has 10 cards and all but one is of scenery/ location in black and white. Page seven has eight cards, six are for Nicoll the Tailor. Page eight has seven cards and the bottom four are for J. W. Smith & Co. while the top three are for Julius Saul. Page nine has 17 cards and the top nine cards are for Hirschfedler & Co. and the bottom eight are scenic pictures with 1/8th of a year measure below. Page 10 has eight cards and for sure five of them are advertising Julius Saul. Page 11 has nine cards advertising Julius Saul. Page 12 has eight cards and one card on the right hand side is of a man preparing to shave...

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