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Pepper family film: reel 2

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Children blowing balloons, happy birthday cake, girl blowing out candles, elderly woman, family posing for camera in front of house; sunset; women, child, and puppy; military troops marching, man watching, marching band, shot of audience; troops marching; people gathered after event, girl feeding dog; large group of men playing tug-of-war; automobiles in parking lot; blank film; shot of downtown Cincinnati, large bridge, Cincinnati Terminal Warehouse U.S. General Bonded Warehouse sign, shot of city; dark footage from inside large building; shot of the city; shot of building; scenes from the road and large buildings; night footage of Paramount theatre marquee, Say It In French Ray Milland, Olympe Bradna, and Mary Carlisle on marquee, Loews State sign, International Casino marquee, Chevrolet sign, Planters Peanuts sign; street view of buildings and automobiles; view of water; view from boat; street view of city at sunset; shots of the sky, skyscrapers, and the water; dark footage; Lower Plaza of Rockefeller Center, Prometheus statue; street view of city, automobiles, people, and buildings; Grand Central Palace marquee, 13th National Power Show Dec 5-10 on marquee; train tracks, train arriving at station; snow covered landscape, rural landscape; dark footage; girl with Christmas tree ornaments, woman decorating Christmas tree; little girl changing into pajamas, girl standing beside Christmas tree; girl with puppy, puppy chewing ribbon on Christmas present; girl sleeping; dark footage of small flame; child opening presents; turkey from the oven; decorated table; blank film; USA Work Program WPA sign; If Youve have an accident, DONT REPEAT, If...
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1938; 1939; 1941 1938; 1939; 1940; 1941
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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