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Lytle family film: reel 2

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African American man plowing with two mules; plantation bell ringing; wide shot of field with automobile driving by in the background; automobile driving on road, African American man sitting on porch of house; three African American men riding mules; mules getting water with three African American men; three African American men walking away from camera toward barn with mules, shot of water spout with African American men and mules in the background; men sitting on porch, baby ducks in puddle; plantation bell ringing; African American man with clothes line behind him; shot of African American men fueling tractors at pump in front of shed; African American men driving tractors from filling station; automobile and tractor parked outside of house on dirt road; African American man operating tractor in field in wide shot then toward camera, African American man driving by camera on John Deere tractor then away from camera; African American men plowing and cultivating with tractors; African American man plowing with two mules; man riding on horseback down road, man driving tractor down road, men riding mules down road; dark footage of field, footage of rain storm, trees shaking from wind, automobile pulling up to shelter, shot of rain coming off of roof top; shots of field and African American man operating tractor; four African Americans plowing in field, African American woman working in field; African American man and two mules cultivating; blank film; John Deere tractors, John Deere umbrellas attached to tractors, white next to tractor, African American...
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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