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Lytle family film: reel 7

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White toddler in front of gate; wide shot of African American woman and white toddler on dirt road, close up of African American woman and white toddler, white toddler playing in the dirt; African American man being pushed in cart by black and white horses across frame, African American man in wagon with two mules; white man smoking cigarette and hiding face from camera on bench on porch; white toddler in front of tool shed with African American man holding dog, two white men in tool shed, close up of toddler; airplane descending, airplane taxiing, Chicago Southern on side of airplane, men exiting plane; toddler with large jacket carrying dolls; large white ducks; white woman and white men leaving house, man with cigarette in his mouth; toddler sitting in womans lap; woman and children on small sleigh being pulled by mule, close up of mules legs as it pulls sleigh; close up of childrens faces while on sleigh, close ups of ropes of sleigh, shots of mules from the sleigh; toddler standing up in small crib and grabbing large baby doll B-wind B+W reversal. Possible 1935, 45 and 1947 Kodak date codes. Occasional perforation damage. 18 FPS. Miscellaneous Moments
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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