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Letter from Arnold Buffum to William Lloyd Garrison, 1835 Jan[uar]y 28

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Holograph, signed.Title devised by cataloger.Legacy catalog card identifies the place of publication of this manuscript as "[Philadelphia?]"The first page of this letter, titled "Christian Rulers" is printed in the Liberator of February 7, 1835 (Vol. V, no. 6).On verso, the letter is addressed to "William Lloyd Garrison Boston."In this letter to William Lloyd Garrison, Arnold Buffum sets out his views in an article titled, "Christian Rulers." On the second page, Buffum begins his letter to Garrison, telling him the subject of his article is "one which I have thought much upon of late and if it be possible to arrest the downward course of this nation by turning back to an acknowledgement of dependence upon God no time should be lost in making it." Buffum then discusses national politics and suggests that if Abolitionists join with the Antimasonic party "their united strength would at last be sufficient to hold the ballance [sic] of power between the conflicting parties and thus one party or the other might be induced to support Christian men as candidates for rulers." He suggests holding a political convention the following spring to nominate candidates and warns Garrison "to be careful to send delegates but not as Abolitionists and Anti-Masons but as Christians." Buffum says that "Abolitionists cannot give their support to Jacksonism" or any party "who are aligned with the Slave holders of the South to put down Abolition at the North" and encourages Garrison to discuss the subject more in the Liberator. After his autograph,...
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