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DARE Interview: Queens, New York; Primary Informant NY061

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Informant Data:NY061: Black; female; age: 84 (old); education: grade school; community type: urbanMedia Files:Arthur the Rat. Speaker: NY061 (5:44)Full Interview 1 (Tape 1106-S1).Content:00:30 Jamaica in the past was rural; dogcatcher03:00 School in the past04:15 Race relations in the past, neighborhoods mixed racially and ethnically07:50 Employment in the past: farm work; coal or wood yards12:25 Family history: father worked in livery stable, mother was a domestic13:05 She worked as a domestic from 14 years old; washing clothes in the past [described]27:35 Housecleaning work31:55 Trolley cars, streets32:40 Tape endFull Interview 2 (Tape 1106-S2).00:10 Sleigh riding [sledding], ice skating00:35 Iceboxes and icehouses01:55 Sleigh, ice skating02:45 Clothing in the past04:50 Games05:30 Disciplining children10:30 Blizzard of 1888; organ and music lessons; her aunt13:30 Food and groceries in the past19:00 Parties and dances; going to the beach; visiting23:05 Arthur the Rat28:50 Comments about the DARE interview30:45 Family history: grandparents' origins

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