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Talk: Jennie, Push The Hogfoot Further Under The Bed

@ University of Arkansas

Robinson, Adgie Lee


Collected by Mary Celestia Parler; Transcribed by Neil Byer Adgie Lee Robinson Newport, Ark. April 13, 1955 Reel 210, Item 5 Jennie, Push The Hogfoot Further Under The Bed ALR: They say this was in slavery time. Lots of white people had so many colored people that they bought, they belonged to them. So these people— they gave them so much, I guess— but this man stole a hog from his boss. And he carried the hog home. They didn't have any electric lights at that time, they just had old kitchen swinging lamps on the wall. So they got in there. They wouldn't light the lamps. They dressed this hog in the house and got all the stuff out of him. So the boss man come by for something. So he pushed the hog up under the bed and left one of the feet out. So when the boss man knocked on the door, he looked around, and he went to sing­ing, "Jennie, push the hogfoot further under the bed." So the boss man didn't pay no attention to it. He just thought he was singing, you know. But he was telling his wife to put the hogfoot further under the bed, so the boss man couldn't see it. Funding for digitization provided by the Arkansas Humanities Council and the Happy Hollow Foundation.
Parler, Mary CelestiaByer, Neil
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1955 04 13
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