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27. 1961, McCurdy Family Receives the News of Merle's U.S. Attorney Appointment

@ Kent State University


The McCurdy family receives news of Merle’s appointment as U.S. Attorney. (Clockwise, starting far left) Roy McCurdy, Joseph C. Drew, Rosetta Scott, Brenda McCurdy (Rhoads), Merle McCurdy, and Myrna McCurdy Drew. Merle’s continued success corresponded to a campaign promise made during John F. Kennedy’s campaign for President in 1960 to appoint more African Americans to federal government posts. Sources Gates, Jr., H. L. (2013, November 18). How Black Was JFK’s Camelot? The Root. Retrieved from McCurdy Rhodes, B. by Dana, R. (Personal Communication, March 22, 2015).

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