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DARE Interview: Charleston, South Carolina; Primary Informant SC021

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Informant Data:SC021: White; male; age: 58 (middle-aged); education: high school; community type: small cityMedia Files:Arthur the Rat. Speaker: SC021 (4:05)Full Interview 1 (Tape 1492-S1).Content:00:15 Fishing (sport)09:45 Local marina, boat landings10:50 Vacation, local travel12:20 Family life13:15 Family—parents, brothers, sisters13:55 Local place names, subdivisions, land use17:30 New local construction, flight of White people to suburbs18:50 Taxes, public services19:40 Water pollution21:10 Ferries, bridges27:30 Personal opinions of U.S. Government, people, unions30:00 Store, brands, lawn mowers32:35 Tape endFull Interview 2 (Tape 1492-S2). [Additional speakers: Informant's wife]00:05 His heart attack, hospital stay, integration of hospitals02:00 Racial integration, opinions of Black people and integration16:50 School, teachers22:55 Local history: expressions for parts of town and for local people; local department; subdivisions30:30 Social organizations, charityFull Interview 3 (Tape 1493-S1). [Additional speakers: Informant’s wife]00:15 Sports in school; Black athletes; college teams; televised sports13:40 Social club activities in the past—rifle club schutzenfest, German social organizations21:50 Family history—parents24:25 Personal philosophy, mortality, health27:30 Talks with his wife about furniture, appliances, friends, relatives, insects35:35 Tape endFull Interview 4 (Tape 1493-S2).00:05 Arthur the Rat04:10 Tape end

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