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"All the Way Home"

@ Cleveland Public Library

Karamu House


Theater program of "All the Way Home" by Tad Mosel. This performance ran from April 6-May 1, 1965. Performers include Arnold Kern or Howard R. Presser as Rufus Follet, Thomas Robinson as 1st Boy, Jeff Kohn as 2nd Boy, Jay Sanders as 3rd Boy, Lee Presser as 4th Boy, Edward Dean as Jay Follet, Ethel Ballard as Mary Follet, Joe Fields or Errol Howard as Ralph Follet, Cozette Craig as Sally Follet, Billy Jones as Jim-Wilson Follet, John K. Pugh as John Henry, Diane Flynn as Jessie, Emma Kernan as Aunt Sadie, Betsy Schendel as Great, Great Grandma, Kathleen Peterson as Catherine Lynch, Lois McGuire as Aunt Hannah Lynch, Lennie Dean or Warren Veasey as Andrew Lynch Reginald E. Williams or Sparkus Fantroy as Joel Lynch, and Roy Beal as Father Jackson.
Mosel, TadKern, ArnoldPresser, Howard RRobinson, ThomasKohn, JeffSanders, JayPresser, LeeDean, EdwardBallard, EthelFields, Joseph AlbertHoward, ErrolCraig, CozetteJones, BillyPugh, John KFlynn, DianeKernan, EmmaSchendel, BetsyPeterson, KathleenMcGuire, LoisDean, LennieVeasey, WarrenWilliams, Reginald EFantroy, Sparkus LBeal, Roy
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