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Lexington (Gunboat, 1861?)

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BOAT DESCRIPTION: SidewheelBOAT TYPE: GunboatBUILT: 1861 at Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania at the L.M. Speer yardOWNERS: 1861: Captain Asa S. Shepherd; June 1861: USQMD (U.S. War Department)OFFICERS & CREW: 1861: John Doyle, Jr. (clerk) James Fitzgerald (mate)RIVERS: Ohio River; Mississippi River; Tennessee River; Red RiverOTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 3445; The Lexington was originally built for the Pittsburgh-New Orleans trade for Captain Asa S. Shepherd. Practically the whole crew from the South America came aboard to man her. However she was shortly sold to the USQMD in June 1861 and converted at Cincinnati into a U.S. gunboat using the same name. Throughout the Civil War she saw active service. February, 1862 she assisted in the capture of Fort Henry in the fleet under the command of Admiral Foote. In April, 1862 she assisted at the Battle for Shiloh under Lieutenant James W. Shirk. In 1864 she was the first through the break at Bailey's Dam on the Red River under the command of Admiral PorterPHOTO DESCRIPTION: The Lexington on the far left of photo with a military camp in the foreground

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